How to Join Tyler Flyers


  • Take a flight in the airplane​ (optional)
  • Provide a bit of information
  • Brief orientation with maintenance officer​ (or other club officer)
  • Club-wide vote on your membership

Plane Reservation, Other Ops, and Other Info

  • Scheduling is online at (U: tfi / P: guest)
  • Review plane availability, bylaws, flight rules, annual meeting minutes, etc.

Things You’ll Need to Provide when Joining

  • Copy of your driver license
  • Copy of your PPL (front and back)
  • Logbook page(s) copy showing most recent currency (flight review or equivalent)
  • Copy of 3rd class medical certificate (or Basic Med)
  • Check for $6,000, payable to: Tyler Flyers, Inc.

Subsequent Questions

©Tyler Flyers Inc.

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